The EFDC has identified 5 pillars that will enable it to
carry out its mission:

Provide mentoring programs to support rising entrepreneurs and small businesses. Provide access to information related to all aspects of the Fashion & Design industry that will be used by all EFDC Members

Attract talented young people to the industry, both through further education, scholarship and vocational routes, to learn much needed skills. Educate through different vehicles, including workshops and seminars by local and international industry leaders.

Identify ways to help businesses leverage new technologies as a means to increase efficiency at every stage of the industry: research, design, branding, production, sales, retail.

Invest to Employ: Support businesses in identifying talents to fund their education and training thus obtaining the quality and standard required for potential employment. Invest to Grow: Establish early stage investment vehicles for start-ups. Linking entrepreneurs with potential investors to support their growth.

Maintain international standards of designers and entrepreneurs through a rigorous selection criteria. Re-position the Egyptian cotton & textile industry as a leader on the international map. Attract new audiences (entrepreneurs, designers, manufacturers, investors) to join, benefit and contribute to the EFDC.