Develop and guide Egyptian designers, artisans and manufacturers to meet international standards and showcase in the local and international fashion arena.
Pave the way for a local fashion week recognized on the international fashion week calendar.
Support the human capital development through training programs at all levels in the industry.
Encourage international brands and designers to source raw materials and production in Egypt.
Promote the tourism sector through supporting local retail platforms that preserve the Egyptian heritage in design, fashion and craft.
Establish close ties with international fashion councils, industry leaders, and global media outlets to raise awareness of the Egyptian fashion and design industry.

The EFDC has identified 5 pillars that will enable it to carry out its mission: BUSINESS Provide mentoring programs to su......

THE EGYPTIAN FASHION & DESIGN COUNCIL – EFDC was formed by a private group of fashion and design professionals wh.....

The EFDC relies on the shared vision and generosity of sponsors and individual patrons. An advisory board and ambassadors comprises of representatives from the education, design, media, production and retail industry who give of their time and expertise freely on a project by project basis.